The Most Popular Personalized Childs Gifts for Summer Break

personalized child gifts

Summer is almost here, and that means school is out. Whether your kids will be at home, at camp, or engaged in summer activities, there is never a wrong time to show your love with a thoughtful gift. And what’s more thoughtful, than something custom-made just for them? Why not get them a personalized gift?

Personalized items excite children, who love to see their name on things or hear it in adventures in books, games, and videos. There’s a practical aspect as well, since at the pool, around the campfire, or at home in the yard, items with your child’s name on them can be found more easily. Plus, personalized items for kids make great keepsakes for parents when the little ones grow up.

Personalized gifts can literally be anything, from hairbrushes with names on them to game pieces with your child’s photo glued to them; it is thrilling for a child to receive something that is truly their own. Here are some fun suggestions for personalized gifts for the children in your life this summer:

Dishes and Flatware

Whether camping, boating, or hanging out at home, personalized dishes and flatware will see a lot of use and will always be loved. Names printed on a dish or mug or engraved on the handle of a knife-and-fork set will also encourage your little eater to join the Clean Plate Club, just so they can see their name under the food. Personalized children’s dishes and flatware can feature personalized designs, or they can have familiar characters on them, such as Disney or Dora the Explorer.


What’s better than reading a book about your favorite characters? How about starring in a book with your favorite characters? Children will delight in personalized books, as they can read (or be read to) about their adventures with their heros and heroines. Personalized books put your child in the center of the action, holding some pivotal role in resolving the plot. Your child can have a true summer adventure, and read about it all summer long!

personalized child gifts

Blankets and Bedtime

Bedtime comes every night, even over the summer. No child is ever happy about going to bed, but personalized bedding can make it a little more fun. Whether in their bedroom or camping out, kids will always get a lot of use from pajamas, blankets, slippers, pillows, or even sleeping bags.

Dolls and Stuffed Toys

A personalized doll or stuffed animal can come in a few different varieties. Having your child’s name embroidered on the animal or the doll’s clothing is a common one, but that’s not the only way to personalize these toys! Dolls and stuffed toys can be memorialized in a frame with a nameplate, creating a souvenir that will last a lifetime. Stuffed toys can also be made from old baby clothes or favorite but frayed blankets. In a neat twist, You can even get a doll that looks just like them!

Tote Bags and Backpacks

On the nature trail, at the playground, or at home, kids have a lot of things they like to carry around. You can give them bags and backpacks to put their belongings in, and something personalized will ensure that nothing ever gets left behind! A bag with stuff in it gives a child a sense of ownership, and having their name on it reinforces to kids that everything in the bag is really theirs.

personalized child gifts

Creative Arts

Kids love to draw, paint, and use their imaginations. The refrigerator door has been the traditional place to keep these masterpieces, but they can be transferred onto fabric or enlarged and framed for the wall. Personalized paper dolls of the whole family can provide hours of fun. Journals and sketchbooks with your child’s name on them can encourage masterpieces for years to come!

With so many ways to personalize gifts for kids this summer, it is so easy to find a gift your child will love. No matter how your kids spend their summer, there is a personalized gift out there just for them. Literally calling your child by name, a personalized gift can provide magical memories for generations to come!