Keep Kids Reading Through the Holidays!

Keeping kids occupied can sometimes be a challenge. Keeping them focused and learning, especially around the holiday season, can seem like more of a challenge. With the holidays right around the corner, kids can often be distracted with the idea of new toys and gadgets that they would like to receive this holiday season. It may feel like a struggle to get kids to read or do something educational when they are more interested in festivities and games. While celebrating is still certainly important and can yield some valuable family time, it is still possible to get kids to read and think critically this season, and they may not even know that they are doing it!
Child reading personalized book
No matter what you celebrate, kids will be receiving some gifts and treats this holiday season. Kids love the idea of receiving new things, especially toys and games. They may have already made their holiday wish list! Making a wish list is certainly a great way to keep kids writing, but if parents want to get kids to think more critically and creatively, parents can ask their children to elaborate. Why do you want this toy? What sort of games are you looking forward to playing? Who would you like to share your gifts with? What would be the perfect gift for your siblings/cousins/parents/grandparents? By completing an exercise like this, kids can use their imagination to answer questions while also using their reading comprehension skills to craft a coherent and explanative answer.
Parents can also use reading to play games. Leading up to the holidays, parents will be gathering their children’s gifts and presents. As parents get new gifts, they can leave little clues and riddles for their kids. Write from the point of view of Santa Claus or another figure to leave hints around the house, under the tree, by the menorah or even under children’s pillows to help get them excited. Not only will kids love learning about what they may be getting, but they will be actively reading and thinking as well.
Parents can also ask their kids to write about their favorite holiday traditions. They can then share their answers with the rest of the family. What they write may make for a great arts and crafts project that parents can incorporate into their holiday décor or to include in the family’s photo album or scrapbook to remember for years to come.
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