New Photo Personalized Children’s DVD

A New Educational Alphabet Adventure

Personalized Photo DVDs

A new photo personalized DVD – ABC Monsters transports your child to the magical alphabet garden where they embark on a journey to solve alphabet puzzles. Along with their new cartoon friends, Alice, Brian, and Cherry Berry, your child solves alphabet related clues in order to find the missing letter A in this new adventure. While exploring the Alphabet Garden, your child can watch themselves solve puzzles, find clues and learn the value of letters and literacy.  By seeing themselves in this personalized photo DVD, your child can immerse themselves into the adventure and interact with their learning experience. The adventure not only gets your child excited about learning but excited about learning to read, too.

When children see themselves in their very own cartoon it boosts their self-esteem and self-image and will surely captivate them, enhancing their learning experience, all while learning their alphabets.  With so many educational TV shows for children, KD Novelties has entered into the households of children by not only providing personalized kids books but a personalized educational touch to TV viewing.

Check out our video sample below.