Website Owners/Bloggers: Make Money While Promoting Literacy

Personalized Children’s Books, Music & Gifts by KD Novelties has established a new Affiliate Program ideal for website owners and bloggers.

Our affiliate program consists of placing our link or button on your website. Every order placed on our website through your referral you will earn 15% commission. That is it! You don’t need to do anything, however, the more you promote the link and/or button the more revenue you will generate. We recommend putting it on your high traffic pages such as your homepage.

Once you become an affiliate of KD Novelties you will have access to our images so you can choose which one fits your website style. You also can view reports to see how many visitors have clicked on your affiliate link and were sent to our website. You can also see how many of those visitors have actually paid for an order thus generating your commission report.

The best part of our affiliate program is that you don’t need to keep inventory or join a sales force. You just place your links and let the money come in all while promoting literacy in children. Simple Right?

If you are ready to join and for more information about our program click on the link below and we hope to welcome you to our program. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Personalized Children’s Books by KD Novelties Affiliate Program