Summer Activities for Kids from KD Novelties

Now that school is winding down and for some it has finished, it is important to stimulate your child’s mind with fun educational activities. We have highlighted below some recommendations and some tips for great summer activities.

If you happen to be on the road fun educational car games are a must. For example have your child count how many red items they see outside or count how many traffic lights you come across. Our personalized music cd’s are also helpful and will keep them entertained listening to their name and hearing educational songs sung by popular characters. Check out our selection at

If you’re on vacation tag along reading books and puzzles to stimulate their minds. Our personalized children’s books are the best because they are innovative, exciting and promote self-esteem (check out our large selection at Even while at the beach when children are wrapped up in building sand castles be creative and make it educational have them count the shovels tell them to hand certain colors to you. Have them practice writing their name in the sand and you can also explain what happens to the sand when it gets wet.

Set aside reading time at home or make a certain day of the week game time (make it educational and fun). Have the children tell you a summary of what they read or if you are reading to them have them explain what they have heard and their feelings about the story. When reading to a child you also need to be creative and change your voice for certain characters and read with enthusiasm especially for the much smaller children. They will see your love of reading and they will adapt it into their lives as well.

Visit educational venues such as the museum, the zoo, and the library (have them pick out their own books).

These are tips that we hope you find helpful and incorporate into your summer activities. Most of all be creative and have fun!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer from KD Novelties Personalized Children’s Books, Music and gifts.

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