Your Baby Can Read

All babies have good recognition memory and novelty preference so they likely enjoy looking at pictures and word cards with their parents. Perceiving patterns and connecting symbols with meaning is what reading is all about. Babies and toddlers likely begin as right brain readers who pick up reading as easily as they pick up three languages if all three languages are spoken by their caregivers between birth and age 3. (If one waits until age 6, it’s not so easy for the child to pick up three languages simultaneously. The baby brain, not the 6-year-old brain, has special language and reading capacities.)

Therefore, how much more important it is to read to your baby early on when they can grasp words and pictures and piece them together. When you start reading early on with your baby you’re instilling the love of reading in them for years to come.

Remember to pace yourself if it’s not the right time for word games or picture cards stop immediately and go back to it again. Even while they are babies they can be turned off to the reading game even though you may think they don’t have the ability to be “turned off.” If they can pick up multiple languages before the age of 3 they can pick up a lot more than us parents think. Underestimating a baby’s ability to learn is the problem we have with illiteracy in young children today.

Join me in putting a stop to illiteracy and spread the word to all Moms of infant children that their babies can learn and read NOW.

Refer them to our blog or they can contact us with any questions they may have.

Thanks for supporting us and partnering with us in this mission.

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2000 Facebook Fan Giveaway Winners

Our 2000 Fan Giveaway has closed and thanks to all of you for making this fun!

Below are the sponsor’s name and prizes along with the winners. Each winner will be contacted via e-mail and has 72 hours to claim their prize on the sponsor’s wall if not prize will be forfeited. Therefore, make sure to contact your wonderful sponsor and also thank them for offering their prize.

I sure hope all winners will remain Fans of the Sponsors as common courtesy. They all have wonderful products and great businesses and would love to hear from you. Also when you get your product a review/testimony of your product will be appreciated letting them know how much you loved their product.

And…the winners are….

Personalized Children’s Music – Nursery Rhymes personalized music CD – Nina Hi
Personalized Gifts Inc. – Personalized Photo Puzzle – Holly Robinson
Creative Wreaths – Tulle Wreath – Brittany Martinez
Sandi’s T’s – Fabric Bookcover – Cathy Loudermilk
Time Frames by Sharon – Time Frame – Taylor Foreman
Baby Frills – Leg Warmers – Daisy Moreno
Thirty One by Shawna – All-in-one organizer bag – Bernadette Knotts
Mighty.mark.girl. – Shimmer gloss blossom lip tint & $10 GC – Heather Schonrock Lyons
Buddy Blankies – Infant Buddy Blankie – Adrienne Rudolph
Luvy Bear Soaps & Scentsations – Phantom of the Opera Soaps – Abbey Hadden Colbert
A Bead Above Jewelry – Turquoise Topaz Necklace & Earring Set – Jessica Gonzalez
Great Cakes Soapworks – Gardener’s Dream (Skin care) – Sam Bleashka
Initial Impressions – Custom Embroidered Kitchen Towel – Chrissy Jones
Neverland Studios – $15 Gift certificate to their store – Angela White Mabe
Lilah Bear Inspirations – Pink and Zebra Diaper Cover – Amy Hollandsworth

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2000 Fan Giveaway at Facebook

If you’re not already a Fan of ours at Facebook you’re missing out on the free prizes we are offering thanks to our wonderful Sponsors. We have opened our giveaway for entries until we reach 2000 fans at which time we will close it and draw winners. We have prizes worth over $350 so come on and enter for your chance to win and spread the word to friends and family of our giveaway.

Click on the below for the link to our album where we have the rules, photos of the donations and instructions on how to enter for the prizes.

Giveaway Photo Album

Personalized Gifts Inc.
Creative Wreaths
Personalized Children’s Music ~ Personalized Music CD giveaway
Sandi’s Ts
Time Frames by Sharon
Baby Frills
Thirty One by Shawna
Buddy Blankies
Luvy Bear Soaps @ Scentsations
A Bead Above Jewelry
Great Cakes Soapworks
Initial Impressions
Neverland Studios
Lilah Bear Inspirations

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